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going out of my mind crazy

How excatlly do you know if someone that you really really like and miss, think about everyday feels the same way about you. I knew that i should have never started a casual sex relationship, it ended badly. Still it does not explain why i cannot get this person out of my mind.

Am i crazy because that is how i feel sometimes, crazy and obessive. U know i have just been praying for a sign that he might possibly think about me too. And today after not talking to him for a good six months, on a game that we play he sends me a message to download a new game that he wants to play with me.....WTF!!!! Is that my sign, i dont understand, i suppose that i have two options. One tell him how i feel and get totally rejected and end up loosing all contact with him, or two just sit idley by and do nothing.......OMG this is really going to drive me nut i think

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going out of my mind crazy, posted December 20th, 2012

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